Welcome to Nashville 2600!

Nashville 2600 Organization is a group of technology minded enthusiasts who gather on a regular basis for impromptu discussion and social networking. We encourage all who desire to meet with us the first Friday of each month at J & J's Market & Cafe., from 6 PM until whenever. As social networking is an important aspect of our organization, it is typical behavior for us to go as a group to dinner, movies, or other activities after the meeting, so if it's your first visit plan on taking the time to get to know us. All are welcome.

One of the fundamental questions within our organization is, "What does it mean to be a hacker?" While there have been many discussions and essays centered on this topic, our basic idea is that a hacker is to computers what a gearhead is to automobiles. We simply enjoy working with technology in just about any form and want to understand it completely. We like to figure out new ways to use our technology, especially if it is in a way that the inventor or manufacturer never even imagined. We also try to be role models for younger members in showing that if you act responsibly you can have a rewarding career in the technology industry. Many of our crowd are information security professionals.

We have two main tools for communication with each other between meetings. We, along with other 2600 members throughout the Southeast US, talk on IRC in channel #se2600 on irc.freenode.net. See freenode.net for more information on IRC. Our other chat line is via mailing list.

Please excuse the dead links and placeholders. The site is currently undergoing a major overhaul.

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